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Freedom Square

The Freedom Square is the main square of Kharkov and an architectural landmark. It is the second largest city-center square in Europe and the ninths in the world. It is the place of every possible events: concerts, demonstrations, fairs, meetings. From the moment of foundation (1925) till 1996 it was known as Dzerzhinskogo square.


The total area of the square is 11.9 hectares, the length is from 960 to 750 meters. Two metro stations are located under the square: station Universitet of Saltivska line and Derzhprom of Oleksiivska line.


Derzhprom (or Gosprom) is the central object of the round part of the Freedom Square. This architectural landmark was built in 1920-th and became the first skyscraper in whole country. From the right side of Gosprom you will see famous old University named after Karazin.
The monument of Lenin (was erected in 1963) became popular place for people to meet.
The Freedom Square in Kharkov is much bigger than the Red Square in Moscow and is the true heart of the city.

24.08.10 проекционное шоу в Харькове (http://vj.kharkov.ua)


The biggest in Europe

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