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Coffee shops in Kharkov

There are many places in Kharkiv where you can have either a quick bracing coffee or a looong relaxing one. Black and white, in beans or instant. Cappuccino, latte, mocca, americano or espresso, with caramel, chocolate or cognac.... Fortunately, the choice is big here! Life goes fast and people don't want to waste time for comparing cafés and choosing the one where a cup of coffee will not become a bad surprise. What a pity!!! If they did, we'd find here a better culture of preparing and serving this magic drink.

A friend of ours to the question 'What is the sense of life' once answered "To have as many cups of good coffee as you can". Good coffee is a rare thing in Kharkov, but it does exist! And knowing so called 'coffee spots', you will not get into a trouble when decide to enjoy a cup of hot aromatic and so desired coffee. Being true coffee-lovers, we decided to devote the whole category to such 'coffee spots'. So read, consider and enjoy!

"Life is too short to drink bad coffee" (c)


Did you know:

First coffee house in Vienna was opened by a Ukrainian, Yuriy Kulchitskiy, in XVI century. At the beginning this drink was not popular in Vienna. But later Yuiry started adding sugar, honey and milk to coffee. The drink became extremely popular, mostly among men, who would come to his coffee house three times a day to read newspapers, discuss recent news and enjoy coffee. Famous 'Wiener Melange' was also invented by Kulchitskiy.

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