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Night clubs in Kharkov

Nights in Kharkov are very alive. Most clubs are remote from the center except for some rare clubs such as "Dom", "FASHION", pre and post party restaurants, and "Turbiyon".

Clubs in kharkov are where you will find those beautiful russian ladies you see on magazines or on television, the very hot looking Russian brides like they are called in the west.

Cover charges in Kharkov clubs are almost the same everywhere, around $15.00 except for some way more expensive clubs for the "gold youth" of Kharkov.

Getting there

The best way to go to clubs is to take a taxi.


"Always agree about the price BEFORE getting into the cab. It is even better to have some numbers to order a cab from a taxi company. "Locals" will double or triple charge you If they hear you speaking a foreign language."

Of course you can argue, walk away, try another taxi, it can even be entertaining, kind of a sport... But still, what a drag to have to do that.

Bartenders almost never give you the change back on your money so make sure to also ask for prices before ordering your cocktails.

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