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National University of Pharmacy

Pushkinskaya str, 53
tel: (057) 706-35-81, 706-30-68
e-mail: mail@ukrfa.kharkov.ua

The National University of Pharmacy is a modern European institution of higher education of IV accreditation level. In 2005 the university had celebrated its bicentenary from the date of its establishment.

The University has advanced material and technical basis which equals 105000 square meters and meets the requirements of world education quality standards. There are 6 university buildings and 5 hostels.

The National University of Pharmacy has the following 10 departments: Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Clinical Pharmacy, Perfumery and Cosmetics Drug Technology, Drug Technology, Marketing, Organization Management, Economy of Enterprises, Laboratory Diagnosis and Quality, Standardization and Certification.

The cooperation with the leading pharmaceutical and chemical factories of Kharkov and Ukraine is an integral part of the training process. Moreover, the university publishes numerous magazines and textbooks which are popular in Ukraine and out.

Now the university has more than 17000 students 1000 of which are foreign ones. The diplomas of the National University of Pharmacy are recognized all over the world.

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