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Lermontovskaya, 7
tel: 700-90-30

Stargorod in Russian means "stariy gorod" (old city). A brewery and a pub, a restaurant and a sport bar - its all Stargorod. It takes plenty of space to host big companies. Very popular place for corporate parties and birthdays, for watching sport events with friends and just for having fun. Waitresses have special dresses - mostly extra short :) Often they have some entertainment events, karaoke etc.

Interior - huge space, big wooden tables, heavy metallic chairs. Food - they have a big choice of amaaaazing meals from meet, also fish and chicken. Beer: "live" beer that comes right from the basement through the pipes is perfectPrices: fair. Mood: high :)

Room between WC for men and women!

The place you will come back to

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