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Kharkiv State University of Economics

Kharkiv, pr. Lenina, 9a
61001 Ukraine
Tel.: 38 (057) 702 03 04
Fax: 38 (057) 702 07 17
e-mail: mail@hneu.edu.ua
Trust tel.: 38 (057) 758-77-37

Kharkiv State University of Economics is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine in economics. It was founded in 1930 and during its history it accumulated lots of knowledge and experience in how to train highly qualified specialists. This state high school has IV level of accreditation and trains specialists in 22 specialities in the following fields: Economy and Entrepreneurship, Management, Public Administration, Computer Sciences, Publishing and Polygraphy, Tourism. The educational and material resources of University fully correspond to the state and international standards.

Kharkiv State University of Economics is the participant of different international educational programs and projects. Universities of France, Greece, Poland, Turkey, China and Vietnam are the official partners of the University. From 2004 the University is the part of Magna Charta Universitatum which is prestigious international organization of universities of the world. The students of the Kharkiv State University of Economics have a possibility to receive training at the leading industrial, financial, consulting and other kind of Ukrainian companies. While studying the students can chose one of the following foreign languages to learn: English, German, Chineese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Polish.

He who will not economize will have to agonize. Confucius

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