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Kharkiv National Medical University

Departament of International Relations,
Room 72, 4 Lenin Avenue Kharkiv, 310022
E-mail: knmu2009@gmail.com


Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the oldest high medical schools of Ukraine. In 2005 the university had celebrated its bicentenary. The history of the university starts in 1805 when was founded Kharkov Imperial University.
In 1988 Kharkiv National Medical University (before 1994 the university had name “Kharkiv Medical Institute”) became a member of International Association of Universities. In 2002 Kharkiv National Medical University was recognized as the best among institutes of higher education of Ukraine.
Today at university are working 16 honored workers of science and engineering of Ukraine, 2 honored workers of high school of Ukraine, 4 honored doctors of Ukraine and 32 academics.


The university has the following departments: therapy, surgery, stomatology (dentistry), orthopedics and traumatology, urology, oncology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology and other medical specialties. During its existence Kharkiv National Medical University had trained around 56000 doctors, among them 5000 are foreign ones. The university trains doctors from 57 countries of the world since 1951 in Russian and since 1996 in English.


Kharkiv National Medical University has rich library with more than 1 million books and modern computer center.
The university strives to correspond to the principles of Bologna process in order to give to this and the following generations a medical education of European standard.



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