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Fashion and Girls in Kharkov

Ukraine is an unusual European country though it is located in Europe. Ukraine differs, and differs a lot. One of the areas of Ukrainian lifestyle which surprises majority of foreigners is Ukrainian women and their appearance.

Ukrainian women are beautiful but that's not the point. They put a lot of efforts to look after themselves; they are bright, like to wear high hills, short skirts, accessories and so on.

Do not be surprised to see the majority of women wearing high hills. They wear them regardless of their age, season and part of the day. They start to wear them from school years till the grey hair, it's like an integral part of Ukrainian fashion. But why is it so? To be frank nobody knows for sure, and there are different thoughts about it. The first reason is very simple: it looks more attractive. High hills make a woman taller, her legs and figure more slender.

In order to understand better the essence of such phenomenon we need to look deeper, to understand the psychology of Ukrainians. Ukraine always was the region of dissidents, strikers: here the Cossacks appeared, to these lands heretics from Russia and reformers from western Europe had fled. The necessity of self-affirmation was vital for them. That is why nowadays, this feature is expressed in Ukrainian girls who stress all their attractive sides.

Such attention to the appearance can be explained by such facts as that in mass media reigns cult of appearance. Moreover, women prevail over men that causes some kind of competition too.
Anyway, it is not forbidden to look great always whether woman goes to the disco or to a supermarket, and Ukrainian women use all their potential to look appallingly.

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