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Sumskaya, 35
tel:(8-057) 705-44-85, 705-44-86, 705-44-87, 705-44-88
(8-057) 705-44-89, 705-44-90, 705-44-91
e-mail: science@kharkov.ukrtel.net


Kharkov Zoo is the oldest zoo in Ukraine, it was founded in 1896. It is located in the heart of the city next to the Park Shevchenko. The Zoo occupies the territory of 22 hectares, where 6810 animals of 385 species found their home. Among them 103 species are considered as rare and are under protection. Many of them breed well in the homely setting of Kharkov Zoo.
The Zoo preserves and studies representatives of wild fauna from all continents of the Earth. Moreover, the zoo also serves as cultural and educational institution. Here you may have tours for children and adults, lectures, to get an opinion on preservation of the environment.

The Zoo works each day from 8 am for the whole day without days off.
Adults - 30 UAH;
Children (from 5 to 13 years old) - 10 UAH;
Children under 5 years old - free

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