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Ukraine in crisis. Prices on food

Ukraine didn't enter into global financial crisis, it rather crashed down into it as a cow, which had stepped upon a skating rink.
But statistic data show some improvement. According to the national statistical committee, in August 2009 Ukraine had deflation in 0,2%. From the beginning of the year inflation is 8,2%.
In August prices on food came down on 0,3%, for meat and meat products prices dropped on 0,2%, for vegetables on 5,3%, prices rose up for bread on 0,2%, alcohol and tobacco on 2,3%, and for sugar on 8,5%.
But despite such pretty positive statistic data, three fourth of Ukrainians had already reduced their expenses on foodstuff. At the question: Had you or your family reduced expenses on food because of the economic crisis?, 63% of questioned answered yes, 19% no, 12% more likely yes, 6% more likely no.
It is noted that prices on the most essential products such as dairy produce, cheese, ham, fish, sweets are rising up. But there is hope that products which are completely produced in Ukraine will not change in price. If because of the instability of the dollar prices will rise, it will happen only to the imported products such as canned fruits for example.

How prices and salaries have changed:

Meat (pork), UAH/kg
Price in 2004 25
Price in 2009 60
Price in 2010 36,86

Chicken legs, kg
Price in 2004 12
Price in 2009 28
Price in 2010

Fish (carp), kg
Price in 2004 6
Price in 2009 20
Price in 2010

Eggs, 10
Price in 2004 3,8
Price in 2009 7
Price in 2010 4,49

Milk, liter
Price in 2004 2,15
Price in 2009 5,6
Price in 2010 5,62

Salami, kg
Price in 2004 34
Price in 2009 95
Went up in 2,79 times

Kvass, liter
Price in 2004 1,8
Price in 2009 5
Went up in 2,78 times

Condensed milk, tin
Price in 2004 2
Price in 2009 8
Price in 2010 8.48

Petrol 0-95, liter
Price in 2004 3,49
Price in 2009 7,8
Price in2010 7,63

Average salary, Ukraine
Price in 2004 590
Price in 2009 1840
Price 2010 (first 5 months) 2201

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