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Potato House

1) Pravdi Prospect, 10
st.m.Universitet 752-40-88
2) Poltavskiy shlyah, 62
st.m. Yuzhniy Vokzal (Pivdenniy vokzal)

This the WORST chilly we have ever tasted! You think you know the right recipe of chilly? Oh, forget about it here. Instead of ordered chilly we got a tomato soup with several pieces of "gum" meat. Yeah, it was spicy enough. "But beans, where are the beans??" we asked the waitress. "It's here" - she answered with a kind smile pointing out one bean shell at the top... "Hope you are kidding?" "Ok, we will fix it now". 15 minutes later she came back with the same plate of tomato soup with more beans added. Great. At least pizza was ok.

What is good is that Potato house is a non-smoking place. Pity that we couldn't appreciate this due to a bad smell from the kitchen.

Fast Food is not that fast here

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