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Pirozhkovaya on Sumskaya 46

Paris has its famous café "Le Rotonde" where French artistic circles of XX century used to gather together. Kharkov has something to brag about too. One of such cult places is a small bakery called “Pirozhkovaya” where pirozhki are sold. Several generations of residents and guests of Kharkov know this small unchanging heaven where you can eat different hot pirozhki.

It is located at the corner of the building in front of Shevchenko monument. It has nothing extraordinary from the first sight, but this Pirozhkovaya is soaked with history, because each citizen of Kharkov knows it, this small piece of history is located at the basement of the building of Sumskaya 46.

P.S. In summer time there are plum pirozhki, if you want to try those, be aware, they can be with pits :)

Immutable pirozhkovaya

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