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How they fix pipes


We do the pipes, you do the road!

Water pipes lie underground therefore to repair them they need to dig, break roads and remove asphalt. Basically, I have no comment about the way they actually fixed the pipe but they never fixed the road after, NEVER! Hm, probably I know why - they are responsible only for pipes but not for the roads :)

Here is the chronology:

Day 1. They start digging.

Day 2. It starts raining and they stop working on pipe.


Day 3-4. Keeps on raining..

Day 5-6. Weekend.

Day 7. Bravo! They continued their work!

Day 8-9-10. Working, working, working

road kharkov fail

Day 11. The work is finished. Here is the result (what we have even now, 3 weeks later):

road fail blog kharkov